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New Mexico: Urge Las Cruces City Council to Oppose Advisory Resolution 18-158

Since March, your Las Cruces City Council has debated and discussed, no less than three times, proposed resolutions to restrict your Second Amendment rights -- all under the guise of school safety.  On Monday, June 18, beginning at 1:00pm in Council Chambers at City Hall, they will unveil and vote on the finished product of their waste of taxpayer time and money.

To your credit, and because of your persistence, they appear to have backed off their original proposal urging the Legislature to pass restrictions on the sale and possession of semi-automatic firearms.  Instead, they are expected to vote on revised Resolution 18-158, misleadingly-titled "A Resolution to Better Ensure the Safety of Students in Las Cruces Schools."

This new resolution makes an oblique reference to continued work with the Las Cruces Public School Board regarding School Resource Officers.  And that's IT for "school safety"!  Otherwise, it reinforces the Council's continuing support for Resolution 17-006 from 2016.  This ineffective, intrusive and unenforceable legislation died in the 2017 session of the New Mexico Legislature in spite of the City Council's support.  But here they go again.

Although forcing the Council back to a gun control position they are already on record as supporting may be a moral victory, it's still important that you attend next Monday's Council meeting and register your opposition to Resolution 18-158.   New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg-backed groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action are trying to convince your local and state elected officials that a vast majority of gun owners support their idea of "universal background checks" for all gun sales. Voters in Nevada came within 1% of defeating similar legislation on the ballot.  And proponents don't mention that what they really want is federal regulation of all private gun transfers -- including temporary loans between family, friends, neighbors, co- workers that and fellow gun club members.  That would involve a trip to a federal firearms licensee, filling out extensive government paperwork and payment of an undetermined fee.  And can only be enforced through gun registration.

Make plans to attend next Monday's City Council hearing and voice your opposition to Resolution 18-158.  If you cannot attend, please contact City Councilors in opposition to this advisory resolution against your rights!

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