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Las Cruces City Council: Urge Council members to Oppose Proposed Anti-Gun Resolution

The gun control crowd in Dona Ana County is wasting no time capitalizing on the tragedy in Florida to push their radical agenda.  At their upcoming meeting on Monday, March 19, the Las Cruces City Council will consider Resolution No. 18-116 calling on the New Mexico Legislature to pass future restrictions on the sale and possession of semi-automatic firearms and, possibly, any device or modification to a firearm which could accelerate its rate of fire.

Dubbed a "Resolution To Better Ensure the Safety of Students in Las Cruces Schools," this non-binding measure offers no mention of any actual or meaningful proposals to make public schools in the area safer.  Instead, it targets the rights of law-abiding citizens to purchase and own firearms in New Mexico -- preferring to make YOU the scapegoat for the horrible failure of local, state and federal governmental entities to stop a deranged individual from taking innocent lives.

If this advisory resolution passes, it will have no force or effect of law. However, it would still put the City on record as supporting state restrictions on the sale and possession of semi-automatic firearms that are commonly-owned for self-defense, hunting, and competitive and recreational shooting.  

Make plans to attend the Council meeting on Monday, March 19, and speak out against Resolution No. 18-116.  The meeting will start at 1:00pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 700 North Main Street.  Those wishing to speak should sign-in using the Speaker Registration form available at the meeting. 

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