New Mexico: Urge Carlsbad School Board Members to Address Bullying of pro-Second Amendment Students

The last person you expect your kid to be bullied by is his school principal.  But that's exactly what Lisa Riley, the mother of a recent high school graduate from Carlsbad says happened to her son.  Last year, Principal Adam Garcia Amador of Carlsbad High School allegedly tried to "bully" Will Riley into silence as he planned a nationwide walkout in support of the Second Amendment.  Despite those alleged threats, Will Riley went on to lead a successful nationwide high school walkout, Stand for the Second. Lisa Riley wrote in a letter to the school board claiming that Adam García Amador "supported and assisted" gun control advocates in their walkout, but threatened her son with criminal charges over his planned walkout.

"These actions are a clear example of viewpoint discrimination, and like any form of discrimination, are unacceptable in the public schools," Riley writes in the August 19 letter.

Riley writes that in his first meeting with her son, Amador was "hostile and rude" to her son and even claimed, "the Second Amendment is not even a part of the Bill of Rights." In a subsequent meeting, Riley claims Amador brought in five police officers in "an attempt at intimidation," and threatened her son repeatedly with criminal charges, saying he would hold Will personally responsible for anything "anyone" did wrong.  

"Amador's repeated threats of arrest stand in sharp contrast to the assurances given to the National Day of Action [gun control] students, that law enforcement was there "for their protection, and not to quell their expression,” adds Riley.

New Mexico state Rep. Cathrynn Brown recently spoke up to defend Riley's son.  "This is an attempt to suppress free speech,” Brown told the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). “This speech just happens to be about the Second Amendment.”

Brown said some school teachers and administrators lack a basic understanding of the Constitution in general and the Bill of Rights in particular.  “I think lawmakers must acknowledge this is a problem, and consider putting more emphasis on civics and government classes in our public schools,” she added. “We also need to make sure school administrators are getting proper briefings on students’ free speech rights. Viewpoint discrimination is wrong and should not be tolerated in taxpayer supported institutions.”

Riley voiced her concerns about Principal Amador's actions at a school board meeting on Tuesday, August 21.  The Board has not yet taken any action in response to those concerns.  Please contact the board members of the Carlsbad Unified School District and urge them to take meaningful steps to address issues related to the bullying of pro-Second Amendment students, so that what happened to Will Riley doesn't happen to future students who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights in support of the Second.  

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