Federal Actions

Please Urge Your U.S. Senators to Oppose Biden and Schumer’s Gun Control!

Nancy Pelosi and her gun control allies in the U.S. House recently passed two gun control bills H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446. Now Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer are pushing these bills in the U.S. Senate, as well as calling for bans on lawfully-owned firearms! This legislation won’t have any impact on crime or criminals, doesn’t address America’s broken mental health system and doesn’t address the underlying causes of violence. The first bill, H.R. 8, would criminalize the private transfer of firearms and targets law-abiding gun owners for persecution. It would make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners for simply loaning a firearm to a friend or some family members. This bill would not stop criminals from obtaining guns because criminals do not comply with the law. And the legislation would be unenforceable without federal gun registration. The second bill, H.R. 1446, would allow unelected government bureaucrats to indefinitely delay firearm purchases for law-abiding Americans – depriving them of the ability to defend themselves and their families. Further, Joe Biden just recently called for banning commonly-owned firearms and magazines used for hunting, recreational shooting and self-defense! Again, please contact your U.S. Senators today and urge them to reject Biden and Schumer’s gun control! Thank you.​